Meet the Team Behind the WSSA UK


Jeremy Simmonds – CEO

As CEO and WSSA UK board member, Jeremy is responsible for the day to day running of the WSSA UK which includes the development of the sport and its athletes in the UK, Team UK National Coach, clubs and Overall Tournament Director for UK sanctioned tournaments.

Jeremy is also responsible for the development of experienced UK judges.

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Di Baker – Chairperson

As Chairperson and WSSA UK board member, Di will be responsible for the board member selection, chairing the board meetings and ensuring all board members get a fair say.

Di is also responsible for Education Development of Sport Stacking across the UK and Ireland and is a Team UK National Coach.

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Andrew Beacom – Non-Executive Director

Andrew is a very supportive parent of one of our top UK stackers, Laura Beacom and has been actively engaged, both as a sport stacker and in helping the WSSA UK at tournaments and its stratergy moving forward.

Andrew attends most tournaments and will be present in helping the tournaments run smoothly, helping younger stackers and a good communicator with stackers, families and the WSSA team.


Aimee Dumigan-Smith – Non-Executive Director

Aimee is currently the UK number 1 female sport stacker, UK record holder and one of our most experienced stackers. Aimee has attended multiple World Championships including Germany, Canada and the Junior Olympics in USA.

As a current board member, Aimee will focus on the sports development and tournament growth including trying to get more female stackers involved in the sport.

Aimee is also our Sport Stacker Liaison Officer and is the first point of contact for stackers when at tournaments.

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Lee Norton – Non-Executive Director

Lee is our most experienced active UK stacker, currently ranked number 1 male UK and current UK record holder. Lee has attended five World Championships with the latest one being in 2018 in Florida, USA where he was Team Captain.

As a current board member, Lee will provide valuable advice in planning UK based tournaments and increasing competitor numbers in the UK.



We would like to thank all of the volunteers who help with the running of the tournaments including judging, runners, camera operators and StackTrack. Without your help, we would not be able to run these events.