UK Sport Stacking Season and Team UK Selection

The UK sport stacking season runs from May to April, starting with regional domestic tournaments and the Junior Olympics and ending with the UK Championships and the World Championships.

Team UK selection is decided during the annual WSSA UK board meeting in December with the Team UK announcement taking place during the UK Championships.

If you have any questions about Team UK then please contact Jeremy Simmonds –

Team UK 2018-19 Season – World Championships 2019 in Spain

Team UK 2017-18 Season – Junior Olympics 2017 and World Championships 2018

Finn Browne, Aditya Sengupta, Joseph Westlake, Aimee Dumigan-Smith

Laura Beacom, Lee Norton, Niamh Dumigan-Smith, Jamie Franceschini,

Andrew Beacom

Selection Criteria for Team UK

From March 2018, the following criteria applies to stackers who want to be eligible to be selected for Team UK to attend World Championships.


– Attend a minimum of two UK sanctioned tournaments plus the UK Championships

– Perform to a standard where WSSA UK believe you have a chance of making the finals at the World Championships

– Have performed consistently at tournaments

– Team player who helps, is supportive and interacts with other stackers and WSSA UK team members


Previous Team UK Stackers

– Have demonstrated at previous overseas travel that they can behave in a manner expected when representing Team UK

– Have helped out where possible at WSSA UK tournaments with volunteer roles


Please note that we will endeavor to allow as many Team UK travel overseas as part of the team. We as an organisation operate with limited resources. Due to this, it is compulsory that parents accompany their children and take full responsibility for the travel arrangements and accompany their children for the entire duration of the tournament. 

We are always thankful of any parents who are prepared to help out where required at both domestic and overseas tournaments.