Team UK Report – World Championships 2018

Teamwork, desire, resilience and consistency are just a few words used by the WSSA UK team to describe the excellent team of seven that attended this years world championships. Both as a team and individually they surpassed expectations and produced some fantastic results.

The three day event hosted by the WSSA in Orlando, Florida was a great success and Team UK started very well with a 2nd place in the H-T-H 3-6-3 relay event, losing to Team USA in the final. The same Team UK (seeded 13th) relay group of Lee Norton (Team Captain), Jamie Franceschini, Laura Beacom and Finn Brown then went into the International Challenge. This was a double elimination event and first up was Team Germany (seeded 4th) which we lost 2-1. The team then showed the same consistency as they did in the earlier H-T-H with three wins in a row before finally being beaten again by Team Germany in the playoff to make the final four in the finals. Well done to Team USA who eventually won the competition by beating Team Korea.

Individually, the team was a good mix of experience both in age and attendance at previous World Championships which helped the stackers who where attending a tournament on this scale for the first time. The team were set in some hard age divisions with Laura, Jamie and Lee up against the top ranked stackers including world record holders Hyeon Jong Choi, Si Eun Kim and William Orrell. Leading the way was Team Captain who finished with a 3rd place in the Cycle. This was followed by a 5th place overall finish by Laura in her age division, 4th overall for Aditya in his age division and a 6th and 5th place for Jamie in the 3-3-3 and 3-6-3 respectively. Special mentions to Finn, Joseph and Andrew who held their own in very competitive age divisions and were unfortunate not to make the finals for the three individual events.

Jamie Franceschini

Finn Browne

Joseph Westlake

Lee Norton

Andrew Beacom

Laura Beacom

Aditya Sengupta

Individual Results (alphabetical order):

Andrew Beacom – Made finals and finished 5th his age division in the doubles.
Laura Beacom – Made finals in all individual events and finished 5th overall in her age division.
Finn Browne – Was in a very hard age division and unfortunate not to make an individual finals.
Jamie Franceschini – Made finals in the 3-3-3 (5th place in age division) and 3-6-3 (6th place in age division) events.
Lee Norton – Made the finals for the 3-6-3 (5th place in age division) and Cycle (3rd place in age division) setting two potential UK age divisional records.
Aditya Sengupta – Made the finals in all individual events, finishing 4th overall in his age division. Third place finish in doubles and third place finish with the World Travellers relay team for 3-6-3 and Cycle. One potential age division record set.
Joseph Westlake – Was in a very hard age division and unfortunate not to make the individual finals.

Tournament Page Reports:

To view the full report and results for the 382 sport stackers that competed at the World Championships 2018 then please use the links below:

Prelims Results Page

Finals Results Page


Official photos taken on day one can be found here



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